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New Pictures

posted by Zach on 6/06/07

Sorry about the lack of updates, but here are three new pictures of Lalaine at a 15 minute preview of Royal Kill in Los Angeles.
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Also, Lalaine celebrated her 20th birthday party last Sunday! Happy birthday girl!

Lalaine on The Vinnie Langdon Show 2004
posted by Zach on 4/22/07

New Animations
posted by Zach on 4/17/07
I added 5 new animations from the first Royal Kill trailer to the site, thanks to Paul!
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New Caps and Videos
posted by Zach on 4/14/07
Howdy! I've been adding videos to the new video gallery, [Click on Videos under Media]. I also added caps of different scenes from Royal Kill. Hope ya'll like the new banner!

New Layout and Candids
posted by Zach on 3/25/07
Hey everyone! I hope you like the new layout. Lalaine's myspace has posted some new candids up [you can see them in the gallery under Candids]

New Event!
posted by Zach on 2/28/07
Yep! That's right! Lalaine was the the after Grammy Party for the WB on 2/11! Here are some pictures from the event!
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Royal Kill talks about Lalaine
posted by Zach on Feb 14, 2007
"For the role of the princess I wanted to take a Disney actress and in the movie place her in the most psychologically disturbing situation as possible. I was just fulfilling the wish of all adults who see the Disney channel. From viewing the TV show “Lizzie McGuire” it was evident that Lalaine was the most talented person in that age group." -- Babar Ahmed

New Caps
posted by Zach on 01/31/07
Here are some new caps I made earlier this evening. The quality of them are really bad, but oh well.

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New & New
posted by Zach on 01/26/07
Hey everyone! I put up a new layout. I also add a new photo shoot to the gallery.

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