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Name: Lalaine
Birthday: June 3, 1987
Currently Resides: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Internationally known as the charismatic and outspoken teen "Miranda Sanchez" on the hit Disney Channel series, LIZZIE MCGUIRE, the singer-songwriter/actress, simply known as LALAINE, is paving her way to superstardom. Lalaine recently inked a deal with Warner Brothers Records (US) and is working on her first release for the label.

Named one of Teen People's
"20 Teens Who Will Change The World," Lalaine has been carving a reputation in the entertainment world for more than seven years, and although she is still only 17, she has accomplished more than most twice her age.

At the age of 9, Lalaine toured nationwide for almost a year with the Broadway Production of Les Miserables, playing the role of "Little Cosette." After the tour, Lalaine scored quickly on her first audition, where she was chosen for Tom Petty's music video for his single, Walls. She then quickly landed numerous national commercials and a key role in the Disney movie, Annie, playing a part of one of the orphans.

Then came Lizzie McGuire. Lalaine's role as Miranda on the series has given her "cult status" in the teen world, recognized by kids and teens throughout the world. After achieving her success on the show, her true love of singing was finally coming back to the forefront. She performed a song on an episode of the show which caught the ears of Disney producers."

After Lizzie McGuire, and guest starring on two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lalaine starred in the Disney Channel original movie You Wish, and was offered to record the title track of the same title. Thus began the Lalaine's recording career. You Wish, the movie, was the highest rated Disney Channel original movie of all time, and "You Wish," the song, became a huge hit on Radio Disney, in heavy rotation for more than six months. Her second single, "If You Wanna Rock," was featured in another Disney Channel film, Pixel Perfect, and also appears on the soundtrack, available in stores nationwide.

Radio Disney then asked her to headline a tour, which gave her the chance to perform live for her fans, one of her true passions. In addition, Lalaine has performed at numerous Radio Disney events throughout the country, including New York, Florida, Kansas, and Utah. She has also performed the National Anthem at a variety of events, including most recently NASCAR and other major sporting events.

And teens aren't the only ones Lalaine hangs with - she has performed with Meatloaf, golfed with Dennis Quaid and Bill Murray, and played basketball with N*Sync. Because Lalaine is such a huge supporter of charity events, she has been able to work with many Hollywood superstars.

Lalaine's reputation for helping others has also translated into health and kids. Lalaine is the current spokesperson for the California youth program, Power Play, (Shaquille O'Neal was their previous spokesperson), which encourages kids to eat five fruits and vegetables each day, and get active for 60 minutes a day. Power Play quickly jumped on securing Lalaine, someone who could relate directly to their audience. An active teen herself (she enjoys basketball, football, ice-skating, skiing, golfing, horseback riding, swimming, bowling, and of course dancing), Lalaine can be seen and heard on Power Play's television and radio PSAs for the next year, in both English and Spanish.

Currently, Lalaine is starring in a new television series entitled FlipSide that was shot mostly in the Philippines. The show follows Lalaine, as she travels throughout the country, rediscovering her Filipino roots, experiencing the culture and interviewing celebrities, musicians, designers, and even the President herself. While in the Philippines, Lalaine appeared and performed on the country's most popular variety shows such as SOP and ASAP, as well as many other entertainment and news program. She also sang live at the SOP Music Awards, the country's equivalent to the American Music Awards.

Now, returning to her musical roots, Lalaine is embarking on her recording career, a lifelong goal. She is currently in the studio for Warner Brothers Records with producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Alanis Morisette), recording songs she wrote for her forthcoming release. She will also be featured on Disneymania 3, singing "Cruella De Vil" produced by Mitchell Froom (Elvis Costello, Suzanne Vega).

Lalaine's singing and songwriting skills, acting abilities, and charismatic persona make her a unique artist, truly unlike any other.

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