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Real Life

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It's a crazy world outside on the harizon
People pushing, people rushing, people crying
On the news, everyday, one more desaster
What are they doing?
Why are they fighting?
What are they thinking?
Why are they lying?
Why can't they be like us?
Kenneth plays guitar
We're all hanging out and giving up
Real life, real life
Thats what it's like in my world
Real life, real life
Acting like boys and girls
Just making peaceful fun
Singing our songs with everyone
And we call that real life
Information, how theres to much information
Bilboads flashing neon sign across the nation
So much junk, just bombbarding us with more junk
What are they sounding?
Why are they screaming?
What are they saying?
Why are they yelling?
Why can't they be like us?
Talking in the dark
Chillin on the rooftops, thats what we love
We're one big family
All my friends and me
We're gonna do great things
Just you wait and see
(Chorus x3)