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Can't Stop

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I was walking out
When you walked in
With the James Dean glasses and
Your Elvis pin
I smiled at you and you
Smiled right back
It was either love at first sight
Or a heart attack

CHORUS: Can't Stop
Thinking what I'm thinking
Can't Stop
Feeling what I'm feeling
Can't Stop
Singing what I'm singing
Can't Stop
Wanting to be with you

If I said something to him
Would he turn me down?
Or would he be walking next to me
Right now
I made up my mind if i saw him again
I wouldn't walk away
Like I did back then


Over my shoulder
I can see him
He's callin' out to me
As he walks over
My heart is beating
And I know
Its meant to be


Saw a movie and it was really great
Got a burger, finished off the plate
The pin you were wearing
It was in my hand
As I'm walking out the door with my
James Dean man...